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2nd International Deaf Expo, Delhi

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2nd International Deaf Expo
13th to 15th, December 2010, New Delhi
A Conference on Empowering Technologies in Educating the Deaf / Hard of Hearing

Climate: Temperature (Maximum & Minimum):
13th December: Day: 23C Night: 6C Humidity: 65%
14th December: Day: 22C Night: 7C Humidity: 75%
15th December: Day: 23C Night: 6C Humidity: 70%

059 2nd International Deaf Expo Poster

Deaf Expo Organised by D.E.A.F.   L.E.A.D.E.R.S. (Deaf Empowerment Activities For Literacy, Education, Accessible Development, Employment, Rehabilitation & Sports)

058 Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi

057 "Welcome you" at Wall Gate

056 Inside Auditorium, Kamani Auditorium

055 Banner

054 Mr.Bilan Khan welcoming the guests with Mr. Phani Kiran (Indian Leader, Hyderabad)

053 Bilan Khan, VIDEO

052 United State of America: Mr.Michael Purcell, USA; Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader, Hyderabad), Ms.Pamela Rich, USA

051 SRILANKA TEAM and Mr.Phani Kiran (Center, Indian Leader)

050 Shri S.K. Rai, 'the Guru' blessing

049 (Left) Md.Shafique, Guest Speaking (Right) Md.Shafique with Mr.Phani Kiran  (Indian Leader)


047 Mr.Murali (left), Chairman of International Deaf Expo with Guest Speaking


045 (Left) Mr.Sibaji Panda, Guest Speaking to Our Rights Our Future; (Right) Mr.Sibaji Panda with Phani Kiran  (Indian Leader)

044 Shri S.K. Rai & the honourable guests

043 The Honourable guests

042 The Honourable guests

041 The Honourable guests with Mr. K. Murali

040 The Honourable guests with Shri S.K. Rai

039 All Indian Cricket Association of the Deaf (AICAD)

Mr.Ravindra Mohan Gupta, National Award 2010 & Hon'ble GS of AICAD; Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader), Mr.Pratapsinh M. Rathod, Hon'ble VP of AICAD

038 The Honourable guests

037 (Left) Mr.Hiran Roshan, Srilanka, Guest Speaking with Ms.Kajal (Right) Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader) with Mr.Hiran Roshan, Srilanka

036 Shri Ananthadev Das, Founder of USDD, Guest Speaking to Proverb

035 Mr.Arun C. Rao, Director of the Deaf Way, Guest Speaking to Equal Access to Communication Technology for the Deaf

034 Mr.B. Nageshwar Rao, Lecture, AYJNIHH, ERC, Kolkata, Guest Speaking to Technology Communication Options for Children with Hearing Loss

033 (Left) Mr.E.Satish, Deaf Literacy, Coimbatore (Right) Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader) with Mr.E.Satish

032 (Left) Mrs.Ashwini Dhananjay Sarwate, Guest Speaking to Deaf Empowerment in Literacy and Education towards Social Works (Right) Mrs.Ashwini sarwate with Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader)

031 Ms.Sunitha Thomas with Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader)

030 Mr.Hira Singh with Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader)

029 Indian Interpreters (Speech to Sign language to Speech)
Mrs.Monica Punjabi, ISLIA Indore; Ms.Sonu Pandey; Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader); Ms.Ruchi Kalawat, Delhi; Ms.Renu, Coimbatore

028 Bilan Khan in Lord Krishna's costumes with Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader)

027 Mr.D.N. Tripathi, Guest Speaking to Development of Sign Language; Lip Education Parallel to Education

026 (Left) Mr.Zorin Daud, President of National Associations of the Deaf, Guest speaking to Deaf Right (Right) Mr.Zorin Daud with Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader)

025 (Left) Mr.Virbhadra Rathod & Mr.Rajesh Ketkar, Guest Speaking to Positive any thing is better than Negative Nothing (Right) Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader), Mr.Rajesh Ketkar & Mr.Virbhadra Rathod

Mr. Phani Kiran, Player of Andhra Pradesh Cricket Team played against Mr.Virbhadra Rathod, Player of Gujarat Cricket Team during National Cricket Deaf Tournament in 2009.

024 Ms.Kajal Dhawan & Mr.K.Murali, Idea Connection

023 Ms.Kajal Dhawan with Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader)



021 Ms.Priti Shah (1)

020 Ms.Karuna Somadula (2)

019 Ms.Karishma Kishore Kumar Lamba (3)

018 Ms.Mille T. Adhalakha (6), Pune

017 ALL

016 Ms.Priti Shah (1), Ms.Sonali Kaur (4) & Ms.Kanika Bali (5)

015 (Left to) Ms.Priti Shah (1), Ms.Sonali Kaur (4), Ms.Kanika Bali (5), Ms.Mille T. Adhalakha (6) & Ms.S. Subaitha (8)

014 Ms.Kanika Bali (5), Ms.Mille T. Adhalakha (6) & Ms.Mamta

013 Ms.Suchint Kaul (Deaf Miss India), Mr.Phani Kiran (Indian Leader) & Ms.Mamta (Deaf Miss India)

012 (Center) Ms.Karishma Lamba (3)

011 Ms.Milie T.Adhalakha (6) & Ms.Sonali Kaur (4)

(Left) 2nd Prize Ms.Priti Shah (1), 1st Prize Ms.Kanika Bali (5)(Center) & 3rd Prize Ms.S.Subaitha  (8) (Right)

STALLS - Exhibition

009 STALL - Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women, New Delhi

008 STALL - Universal Santana Dharma, Bangalore

007 STALL - Ajay Garg Arts, Jaipur

006 STALL - Sriharsha Sukla, Arts, Mumbai

005 STALL - All Kerala Association of the Deaf, Thrissur

004 STALL - The Deaf Way Foundation

003 STALL - Global Deaf Tourist

002 STALL - Sound Hearing 2030

001 STALL - The Silence Brotherhood

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